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Three-and-a-half hours

That’s how much time is left. Wow. I’m in my tux, sitting on the hotel bed using free wireless. Actually, it’s the only time I cracked my laptop… to do this entry. Perhaps I should write some deep words of feeling… but… it’s kind of the same as before… sort of surreal that this is actually happening.

Yesterday morning, we set up the hall for the reception, and that felt a little bit like I was about to get married. Then in the afternoon, Amanda and I went to US Cellular to upgrade our plans, so that was kind of same old, same old… techie toys and indecisions about which model to get.

Back home, however, things started to get hectic, and I really started to feel like this was actually happening. Thankfully, once people arrived, all their tuxes and shoes fit well, so we didn’t have to make any emergency trips to Dubuque…. well, at least for tuxes. I had forgotten tapes for the FIVE digital cameras I had at my disposal for the wedding. Russ and Tom were a couple of nice guys and ran to Wal-Mart before dinner to get some last-minute materials. Thanks guys!

Rehearsal was kindof crazy… hopefully we all know what we’re doing! It’ll be fun. Now I have to go catch my ride to the church for three hours of pictures….. joy!!!

I’m getting married!!!!

Everything moved in

As of last night, everything is finally in the new apartment. Well, everything that is except for several large items of luggage packed with stuff for our honeymoon which are now in Farley, with us. I started unpacking some of the things… alphabetizing CDs, reading through elementary-school writings, and washing new dishes. I also have the appointment set up for internet installation the morning after we get back. Things are looking well… at least, they were until last night.

We were sitting on the new bed, packing suitcases when we heard dripping coming from the bathroom…. It was raining… indoors. Something wrong with the plumbing upstairs. Looking on the bright side, though, they have a week and a half when we’re not there to work on it! A couple other minor apartment fix-ups and we’ll be set.

Now we’re in Farley and things are officially starting to set in that, yes, I’ll be getting married in just a day and a half! And as for last minute preparations…. they’ll all yelling at me to try on my tux now, so I’d better cut this short. I’m excited: lots ahead these next few days!!

What do you want to do for our honeymoon?

So… last week, I think it was Wednesday or something, Amanda calls me while I’m in Los Angeles and randomly asks me what we should do for our honeymoon. So we looked at some ideas, threw some out, looked at others, reconsidered the first idea again, and a week later, we somehow have everything booked!

We have a two-room fireplace/whirlpool suite booked for “the night.” On Sunday we take off for Chicago for a mid-afternoon flight up to Vancouver, Canada. A Boeing MD-80 is a rather small plane (5 seats, 1 aisle), but we did get to pick seats and we got the 2-seat side. Sunday evening we have a hotel room with some kind of “gift” in the room (comes with the package I guess).

The main haul is a 7-day Alaska cruise on the Sun Princess! Continue reading What do you want to do for our honeymoon?

Do the Church swap…

Well, nothing ever works out perfectly, does it? After we thought everything was a go for Redeemer on June 4, we start hearing that her parents would really prefer having the wedding near home for a number of very good reasons. Well, the problem is most of the churches around the area are Catholic, and Lutheran churches don’t seem to take very kindly to having non-members come in and use their church for a wedding with a different pastor.

So what’ll it be? My church which makes her whole family uncomfortable, a Catholic church which would make Amanda, me, and my family uncomfortable, or a local Lutheran church that makes everybody uncomfortable. Read on to find out the answer!!!! 😛
Continue reading Do the Church swap…

Mis-matched church calendars

Well, last Saturday night, I talked a bunch on the phone with Pastor Carpenter, from the Lutheran church where I grew up. We talked about what’s needed to be done and other possibilities, like my Uncle Henry, a retired Lutheran pastor doing the whole service. It seemed like this were going to work out great.

Now Amanda and I wanted to get married on a Saturday in May. I graduate on the 7th, my niece Amy graduates on the 14th, and Amanda’s sister Katie graduates from high school on the 28th. So I asked Pastor Carpenter if Redeemer (the church) was available. He said it looked like it to him, but I’d just have to call the church and confirm on Monday morning. Whoops! That day’s been taken for a year and a half! Great… I guess now we were set for June 4.

(Note the past tense… this entry is still back-dated. More details to follow!)