It’s Game Day! – 2022 Holli Powell Dance Recital

While YouTube tries to figure out whether or not I’m a criminal for uploading a kids’ dance recital using commercial music, here is one attempt to share it with others!

Update! I finally have a version on YouTube that isn’t blocked; it has some songs muted, but if you struggle to play the versions on this post, go check out

Note – this is not like YouTube; if your internet isn’t fast enough, it just won’t work (i.e. don’t try to do this on mobile). The regular quality version is 6GB for a 2-hour show which translates to about 7mbps internet required to watch this. If you have troubles or just want to download either version, use one of the following links:

(One more caveat / apology – someone bumped the camera before act 2 while I was on-stage; I’m so sorry for the couple of dancers who got cut off!)

Regular Quality (7Mbps Internet Required)

High Quality (21Mbps Internet Required)

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