Friend #2

Minifigure – 3723 – 2000 – 1850 parts

This guy was surprisingly easy – I had him done in a couple of hours. It helped that each layer was usually very square and symmetrical; I often didn’t need to even do the “hide previous layer” step I used on the dragon. Once again, though, I did miss a couple of pieces, but found and placed them pretty easily. I’m still a little nervous about the 2 1×8 bricks, but beyond that, all I have left in the inventory are 2 1×1 bricks. Not bad!

I appreciate how this guy is just about as modular as a regular minifig – the head, hat, and even arms and hands are all detachable and posable. He doesn’t bend at the waist (or even have a design or ability to detach the torso which might’ve been a fun addition to the design, even if it was hidden from the display). I am a little confused about the attachments of the arms. The instructions seem to imply 2 different methods of doing this… one with a couple of technic wheels that seem like they’d hold the arms locked in one of 2 or 3 positions. That seems to make the most sense because the other (which I modeled in my build) used a single frictionless pin to attach. In Studio, that makes great work for rotating the arm to any position, but in real life, the weight of the arm would just drop it down due to gravity. Hmm. Mysteries. Maybe I’ll just have to build this one myself sometime…. just need 600 standard bricks and 1,100 standard plates. Or buy the whole set used on Bricklink for… whoa, $250?! No thanks. (There’s one where going by parts is definitely cheaper at ~$150)

(I was going to do a big post with all the sculpture sets, but I decided to do some comparisons instead, so this guy gets his own post!)

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