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Friend #2

Minifigure – 3723 – 2000 – 1850 parts

This guy was surprisingly easy – I had him done in a couple of hours. It helped that each layer was usually very square and symmetrical; I often didn’t need to even do the “hide previous layer” step I used on the dragon. Once again, though, I did miss a couple of pieces, but found and placed them pretty easily. I’m still a little nervous about the 2 1×8 bricks, but beyond that, all I have left in the inventory are 2 1×1 bricks. Not bad!

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I Made a Friend!

And now for something completely different! A Lego Dragon, set 3724 from 2001! After a few buildings, a couple attempts at the Death Star and even a vehicle, I thought I’d aim for something a little simpler. Actually, I did a search for 1000+ piece sets from prior to 2005 and there’s not a ton to choose from that aren’t big bins of bricks. There’s a creepy Darth Maul set that is probably built similarly to this guy, but I have zero interest in building him. but this fella looked like a fun distraction, and at 1,538 pieces, fit my search criteria quite well!

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Death Star II

This is take 2 in a number of ways. Since I’m putting the massively Complex Death Star on the back-burner, I thought perhaps the intended-for-display Death Star II would be an easier/quicker build. Yikes – was I wrong on a couple of counts! At 3,460 pieces, it’s practically the same count as the UCS Death Star. And while it did not have an overly-detailed interior, it did have angles – tons of them – which stretched my Studio skills to the max.

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Old Fishing Store

To avoid finishing all the modular buildings by the end of the month, I was aiming for something different – building the iconic Death Star and making fairly decent progress – when Studio decided to die on me and take away 8 hours worth of building work (I swear, I do save, but apparently not enough). Being too uninterested in repeating steps I had just done, I went back to buildings. But I thought I’d aim for some character and attempt a highly-detailed set that has eluded me through a couple of sales and may simply be forever out of budget: the 2057-piece Fishing Store from 2017.

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Virtual Building

After the post-Christmas deluge of new-set-building has worn down, I’ve been considering what I actually enjoy about Lego-construction. Perhaps it’s the uncontrolled dust in the house, but I’ve never been one for “displaying” models permanently. I certainly enjoy mechanical models and any type of unique movement. But many times the “spark of joy” moment in building a model comes from seeing what the designer came up with as a method for creating something unique. I’m watching my kids build Diagon Alley and enjoying all of the tiny details that go into the models even though I didn’t put them together. I realized that I might get just as much fun and as many “aha” moments by building models digitally, especially since I’ve enjoyed creating models in BrickLink’s Studio several times before.

So I did an experiment…. with gingerbread on the brain, I built the tiniest gingerbread house set I could find. It took about 5 minutes and sparked a little joy. For fun, I did a slightly larger gingerbread house. And another. Both also fun! I eventually worked my way up to 10267 – Gingerbread House from 2019. This obviously took a bit longer (and disappointingly, most of the minifigs weren’t supported) but was an absolute win. Not only did I get to see how a little rocking horse and snowblower were built, but I was challenged in getting all the odd angles of the roof segments to join (not to mention colorblind challenges with the roof colorings that I eventually gave up on – just make ’em look nice!).

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