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20 Years of Lego Technic

Written in late 2019 during back-log review of Lego interest

The next Lego experiment didn’t cost me a dime. Well, it probably did awhile ago. One of my old Technic sets from my childhood was 8856 – Whirlwind Rescue, and when we were digging out Legos, we discovered I still had all of the rarest pieces from this set. Knowing I had built the helicopter a few times before, I thought I’d check out the hovercraft. Some of the gears are a little touchy and tend to pop off, but overall, it’s a pretty fun look and neat mechanics.

Well, the Jet Plane that was currently a shark also has a hovercraft MOC. I thought I’d build it and compare it to my old set which was originally released in 1991. They were amazingly similar! It’s especially interesting to compare the old studded designs to the now mostly-studless Technic construction. It’s also much nicer to use fat gears as turning knobs rather than smooth discs. Still, pretty fun to see two designs just over 20 years apart turn out so similar!