Growing Star Wars Family

Written in late 2019 during back-log review of Lego interest

During a business trip to Atlanta, I bought, destroyed, re-built (with the help of a good friend from Epic), and then packed 75187 – BB-8. That’s right – I’ll travel halfway across the country for a good deal! Of course, at the same time a Slickdeal popped up for the 75230 – Porg set, so that was waiting at home for the girls to help build.

The seller of this BB-8 didn’t feel too inclined to disassemble him before delivery, so I sort of half-closed my eyes while I took him apart because I much prefer the enjoyment of assembling these sets rather than just seeing them sit on the shelf (which is probably why, instead of them sitting on my shelf, they’re now going to a family member to enjoy as they see fit).

Since I built BB-8 all by myself, it was only fitting that the Porg was built by my daughter upon my return from Atlanta. After that, I discovered there had been a little Lego store polybag of a mini-Porg that I just had to add to the family. Interestingly, I built him entirely from pictures, only to discover at the very end that instructions were available online if you looked very carefully. Oh well, it was fun to create on my own! So while they were on my shelf, I did have a little Star Wars family (both the BB-8 and Porg sets came with minifig-sized versions as well).

Porg, BB-8, Mini-Porg, Baby-Porg, Baby-BB-8, and a Couple of Droids

Below is the story of how I shared my discovery, murder, and reanimation of the newest member of the Flessner lego family.

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