Red Shark – a Technic Marvel

Previously I had explored a couple of MOCs (My Own Creations) of my kids’ sets that others had posted on Rebrickable, but this was the first complex MOC of one of my own Technic sets. User Tomik took a jet plane set and created something totally different: a Red Shark that had fluid tail wagging and mouth-opening actions. Even though it was a quarter number of pieces as the modular Pet Shop, I remember in particular my dad being particularly impressed – expressing disbelief that an airplane set could turn into this!

I had also heard this could be motorized, and I did eventually get the basic power functions motor kit to wire this up. I’ll admit I needed some help getting it connected up, as my experience with “new era” Technic is not quite up-to-snuff. But once I had the motor connected, this became the kindling to what would eventually become my obsession – complex mechanical technic builds! This seemed like a marvel at the time, but I hadn’t seen nothin’ yet!

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