Monthly Archives: May 2019


I just used this family blog as a reference for someone, only to see that it hasn’t been updated in almost two years! I have a handful more geocaching stories (though maybe none as exciting as almost stranding my family in Governor Dodge!) to tell, like the Whereigo through the USS Arizona memorial, that I led my Epic team-lead through through only to finally discover a thorny stump with no cache. When I parted the company after 12 years, one of his friendly send-offs was “thanks for teaching me that geocaching can be frustrating and unfulfilling!” Or another coworker with whom I actually found a neat bridge-hidden cache in a warehouse district…before being chased away by the local rent-a-cop.

In 2017, I was caching constantly. I almost made > 1 cache-per-day that year (decent for someone who does have a life, family, and full-time job apart from caching). Then in December, disaster struck, and I was out of the game (and most of life) for a few months. I never quite recovered – sure I did a bit of caching in 2018, but my heart wasn’t into it. It took some friends from work and a healthcare conference in Canada to rekindle the interest.

I claim major geo-fu rustiness, but when a coworker asked me to show him some some geocaches in downtown Montreal, he was the one who ultimately ended up finding most of the ones we attempted (though I did surprise him by finding a couple ingeniously hidden ones, including one I had found several years prior the last time I was in Canada). On the last day of the trip, I took a hike with an old friend up Mont Royal; we both thought we might die, but we were rewarded with spectacular views, 3 new smiley faces (again, he found a cache that I could not!), and a reminder that geocaching always takes me to new places I might never have discovered otherwise.

I’ve now been excitedly planning a 5-day road trip surrounding our team week to Denver, CO in July. I started by finding many of the missing squares on my Fizzy and Jasmer grids, but then when I started researching high-favorite caches, I discovered a world of roadside wonders right along my route. And who knew you could drive to the top of Pike’s peak now?! Perhaps I still have more geo-stories to tell yet…provided I don’t fall off a cliff or get bitten by a snake first!