The Story of the Prodigal Watch

I have a watch I love. It’s a Casio Telememo databank. I talk a lot about it over at the scrambled mind, if you want to know why it’s so sweet. Anyway, about 6 months ago, it disappeared! I thought maybe I had left it at church and looked all over for it. No luck. I recently moved offices at work and packed everything up, so I was sure it wasn’t there. And of course, it was nowhere to be found at home.

For a couple months I kept hoping it would return, and I, like most folks my age these days, relied on my cellular telephone to keep me up to date chronologically.

After a couple months, though, my wrist was feeling empty, and I was longing to have my mobile timer and stopwatch handy without having to unlock my phone and launch an app. So I browsed around Amazon and found the exact same model watch, though this time with a stylish blue face. I received it, and all was well with the world, though I still sometimes mourned my old watch.

Fast forward to yesterday, however, and I’m up in my bedroom when… could it be?? My old watch was sitting in a small card box right on top of our dresser! There’s no way we could have missed it all this time. It must’ve been off seeing the world and finally come to realize there’s no place like home. I was so happy upon finding my old watch that ever since, I have been wearing both watches, one on each arm, and gladly telling my story to anyone who notices and asks why I’m wearing two watches.

The end.

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