Monthly Archives: April 2011

Happy Easter

My girls must be learning some things in Sunday school, but all week my three year old Samantha has been singing “Hosanna, blessed be the king of Ariel!” We got right away that she should be saying “Israel,” but with her three year old vocabulary, it came out as “Ariel” (a favorite princess mermaid that she likes). Still, it’s pretty awesome that Samantha and Hannah are running around singing Hosanna even if they are confusing an important word or two.

Speaking of Samantha’s vocabulary: it is awesome! She turned three in February and is speaking in full sentences already. I am constantly amazed. This morning she was telling her favorite story time teacher, Miss Judy, all about her Easter weekend. She told her that she had more than one egg hunt and that she went to Grandma Barb’s house. That she fell on the rocks and that her cousin Jossalyn got bigger. I can’t do it justice, but I wished that I could have had a tape recorder.