Monthly Archives: December 2010

Me Time

Today I got two whole hours to myself – all alone! No kids, no phone, and no pressing tasks to complete. I went to the local coffee shop and enjoyed lunch, tried my first chai latte, and spent some time alone with God. I’m so glad that my husband encouraged me to do it, when I was considering doing something more stressful with the time by myself.

I love being able to stay home with my children everyday, but a day or even a few hours away from my children every once and awhile is essential and very refreshing.

Not just a phone

When is a phone not just a phone? Even my previous ‘dumb phones’ could play my audiobooks and let me check out google/facebook (albeit with a bit of a hassle), but a smart-phone can carry your whole music library, access any website you need, be a portable gaming system/camera/watch/calendar/mailbox, and loads of other things all at once! Here are a few things beyond the obvious: Continue reading Not just a phone