10 Displays

I have 10 different LED/LCD displays in my office at this point, and it’s not even because I’m that nerdy (i.e. I don’t have a beautiful 4-display layout like a certain coworker of mine).

  • Standard 2-monitor workstation (Widescreen + Standard)
  • Laptop 15″ display
  • Digital Picture Frame (see… who doesn’t have one of those these days)
  • Cisco IP Phone (alas, not the touchscreen variety, but I can have a cutesy message like my hotkey to home: “The Beautiful Amanda Flessner”)
  • Labeler – we got these free when we surrendered our file cabinet to the ways of ‘Getting Things Done’ (though I still have useful hanging files; sorry David Allen!)
  • Cell Phone
  • iPod Touch
  • Pager (this one’s only with me one week out of every couple of months, but it helps bring the total to 10 today)
  • Watch (not just an LCD display; a Casio databank with phonebook, timers, stopwatches, etc. Just no calculator)

Okay, so maybe I am a little nerdy. But if I were a real nerd, I’m sure I’d have many more than 10 computerized displays…

3 thoughts on “10 Displays

  1. That makes me want to count. Let’s see:
    2 twenty-inch LCDs (1600×1200) on Linux workstation
    1 nineteen-inch LCD (1280×1024) on Windows workstation (connected with Synergy — thanks for introducing me to that!)
    1 laptop 15.4″ LCD (1920×1200)
    1 digital picture frame (800×600)
    1 WinMo phone (800×480)
    1 iPod Touch (480×320)
    1 TI-92+ (240×128)

    Looks like you’ve got me beat on number of displays, but I might still win on pixels. Maybe.

  2. Oh, that just makes me want to bring my TI-92 to work. You definitely win on pixels. I don’t think my watch+pager+labeler contribute much to the count.

  3. As I was just recently challenged by this…

    I’m up to a 5-display workstation (3 HD + 1 QHD + 1 XGA). No more photo frame (it died) and heck no more iPod. My phone has significantly more pixels these days, as does my watch (Pebble Time).

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