Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Story of My iPod Touch

So, I have joined the ‘dark side,’ as Bill says. I am writing this on a brand new iPod Touch… My first ever Apple purchase. Well, actually it’s a birthday present, so we can say Amanda bought it, and she doesn’t know any better.

Anyway, I’m still in the debating stages of whether I want to keep it, switch to Verizon and a droid handset next month, or stick with my aging pocket pc a little while longer. I think Verizon’s out of the question for now (Sorry, Verizon family members), since the insane amount of $$$ it would cost to switch and get a data plan seems wasteful for as little as I’d use it. I don’t travel much away from home, work, or church, all of which have just fine Internet, as well as most of my family’s houses. Family gatherings in Webster City might be painful, but maybe I’ll *gasp!* actually spend some time with family!

I think, however, that I’ve used it too much to give it up. I started a list of gripes I had with it… Things that even my old pocket pc could do, but through apps, Google, and my own programmer’s prowess I seem to be knocking those out one by one. I was going to document them here, but I’ve rambled on too long already. If anything, this free WordPress app means I might actually start blogging again… More for my own journalosity (gotta add that to Benwords… ‘journalism’ seems wrong in this context, though probably not) than for anyone to actually read it. I know there are maybe two or three of you, and I appreciate that!

Anyway, I have another three weeks, so let’s get some more apps! (I’ve only tried about 150!)