Monthly Archives: October 2008

Huge update to the gallery

I just completed (actually am still in the process of completing) a huge update to the gallery.  I’m filling in some missing holes from previous years, re-structuring some of the albums (‘Family Picture Archive’ got way too huge, so I’ve broken out 2005-2007 into separate years… will probably do older years similarly), and getting our latest albums up-to date.  I have every intention of getting videos up and working in the gallery, but for some reason my trusty FLV video converter is choking on our cameras’ videos.  I put the raw AVI’s up in some galleries, but I’m not sure they can be viewed online.

The other thing I’ve found is the color copiers at work are also super-fast high-quality scanners.  I’ve been scanning baby books and can do 50 pages in around 15 minutes.  I haven’t had a ton of time to work on it (I like to stay away from my family as little as possible), but next up on the agenda are all kinds of old photo albums.  I’ve wanted to digitize them for a long time, but regular desktop scanners are SOO slow.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of albums that are now available in the gallery (all require registration and logging-in; remember, you need to log in at, NOT this page):

  • Monthly albums from May through August of this year including additional folders for:
    • Ben’s work trip to Phoenix
    • Memorial Day Gathering
    • Buenting Family Reunion
    • Our Vacation to Ames and the Iowa State Fair
    • Family portraits from Sears (with reprint rights)
  • Shots from the farm where Amanda grew up
  • Flessner reunions in Madrid, IA from 2005 and 2004
  • 2006 – Amanda’s baby shower, Madison zoo trip, Buenting reunion in Webster City, Theresa & Ian’s wedding, Nick & Maggie Meyer’s wedding
  • 2005 – Ben’s college graduation, Amanda’s HS reunion, Becca Weber’s 1st Communion
  • 2004 – Easter, Thanksgiving, and some cute shots of Amanda ice skating
  • 2003 – Mother’s Day
  • 2002 – Jenna’s Graduation

Other fun things to do include slideshows, viewing albums on a google map (the ones that aren’t right around family homes, at least) and, if I ever figure out why it crashes my editing sessions… the ability to turn any picture into a puzzle!

Go check ’em out!  Feel free to leave comments on any picture.  Let me know if you have any problems seeing any of them.

Wedding DVD!

Did you know our Wedding DVD information is available online?  Bluehost sure did and didn’t like that it wasn’t directly linked from the website.  So here it is: .  Oh, wait?  You need a password to view them?  Oh… well, I guess you had better ask me for it then.  Hannah’s 1st year DVD is available too.  They’re big downloads, but I’ll explain more if you really want access to them, as long as my e-mail hasn’t been shut off…