Monthly Archives: October 2006

New phone numbers

Amanda and I have new cell phone numbers now.  I’m kind of bummed out because the guys said there were a lot more 341 numbers available (which through a couple of translations I thought meant most of the 341 numbers were available), so we had a bunch of DIAL numbers picked out (DIAL-BEN, DIAL-ALF, etc).  Unfortunately, ‘most’ in this case meant only about 30%… none of which started with 5.

So we both have pretty random numbers (mine still ends in ‘BEN’ so that’s nice).  But another feature they didn’t tell us up front was that we couldn’t keep our calling plan (not a huge deal since we’ve learned can’t save anything since our plan is now the cheapest… ouch).  Plus within two hours of having my new number I received a wrong-number phone call.  *sigh*

Anyway, if you want the number, head over to the page page and ask for it (or be geeky and view the source for the page and figure it out yourself!)