Monthly Archives: March 2006

Baby names

Speaking of baby names (no, you’re not getting a hint yet…and actually, who was speaking about baby names? anyway…), I ran across an interesting definition the other day. “Quaking aspen tree meadow.” I was going to post this mysterious phrase and then ask people to figure it out, but I’ve already given away that it was a name meaning. And anyway, if you put that into google, you hit a few dozen baby-name sites. Waverly means “from the quaking aspen tree meadow.” Tres bizarre…

Apartment gossip

It’s kindof funny living in an apartment sometimes. We don’t really know any of our neighbors well, but there is one lady who is kind of the head ambassador/gardener/welcomer/sweet-old-lady of the building. We’ve met her a couple of times and she knows we’re expecting. Actually, apparently, the whole building does. It was rather funny when she knocked on our door yesterday. We were both home from work, expecting to have the baby today, and she had asked whether or not we’d had it yet. Then she asked if I could install a cable splitter for her, since earlier I had told her I’d be glad to help her out.

I realized how much gossip travels when she got a phone call while I was behind her TV. I heard the voice on the other end say “I just wanted to let you know that both 205 cars are in their parking spots.” Then Mary Lou said, “well I actually have both of the 205-ers in my apartment at this minute. And no, they haven’t had the baby.” 😛 So I guess everyone’s waiting on us. I thought it was funny.

I also learned I don’t want to deal with MHTC’s TV-over-the-phone lines. It’s a great concept, but like satellite TV, you can only watch/record 2 or 3 channels at a time… and they run through a converter box. So forget setting up your Tivo (or TV-equipped computer) to record channel X at a certain time. You have to program two things just to get what you want. Cable may be a bit more expensive, but it’s definitely more convenient (well, I don’t have digital cable; maybe that’s a different story… but I digress…).