Monthly Archives: December 2005

Back from LA… again

I’m finally home from 4 days in LA, away from my wife :-(. My mom says that’s longer than she and Dad have ever been apart. Well, it’s not like I was free and enjoying myself constantly… I was working three 12-hour days supporting a hospital that was “Going-Live” with Epic software. It was a little overwhelming at first… considering I haven’t really seen the apps I was “supporting” since I went through training 6 months ago. But after awhile, I became a little more comfortable and could sucessfully answer most of the questions I was asked. I spent the first two days working on a general med-surg floor, but on the third day, I weasled my way onto floor three: Labor & Delivery, FCC (Post-Partum care), and the NICU. I didn’t get to see a ton of babies, but I saw a few! I guess I also feel thankful that we’ll be having ours in a smaller hospital with (hopefully) less competition for attention. With 12-hour shifts, I really only had time to get up, go to work, come back to the hotel, grab some food, and fall asleep. So I kept pretty busy, but I did miss Amanda a bunch.

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