Speaking of babies…

I’ve been doing a ton of geneaological data entry (6200+ people so far). You know, pretty close to me there have been some interesting trends.

My mom’s mother was one of six girls, no boys. My mom has two sisters and no brothers. My dad’s parents’ first three children were girls. So were my parents’. Each of my three sisters had two girls to start out their families. Hmm.

On Amanda’s side…well, the first FIVE kids born to her parents were girls. And her dad, third-in-line, has two older sisters.

And just in case anyone’s wondering….. the trend continues 🙂 .

3 thoughts on “Speaking of babies…

  1. Not yet. Actually, we were pretty certain on a good boy’s name… and then found out it was a girl. But any names we DO come up with will remain top secret until delivery 😉

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