Monthly Archives: August 2005

Gas is expensive

That’s a given. But it’s really sad when it costs over $30 to fill up a little Chevy Cavalier. I miss living in Iowa. Gas prices have gone from $2.35 to $2.49 to $2.72 here in the last week and a half. Why did I think commuting was so great? Of course, I’ll probably look back on this in a couple of years and wish I could pay $2.72 a gallon. *Sigh*

Too many months

Heh, so while browsing around my site at lunch, I noticed there seemed to be some things missing from the Archives listing on the side of my site. Actually a whole year was gone. Turns out the function to populate that list was taking an input of “maximum number of months displayed” or some other mumbo jumbo. I guess I have more than 24 months of history… ‘course that makes sense since it goes back to 2002. I increased it to 50… no actually, I can get rid of it and display unlimited months. Nice. Okay, now Im rambling in a blog post, so I’d better finish it up and study some ActiveX.