Monthly Archives: June 2005

First week of work

So far so good. Nay, so far so great. I love Epic. Of course, all I’ve been doing is orientation this week with a lot of free time. But there are lots of fun people there and I think I’m going to get along really well.

I’m starting in a class of 137, the first one ever to break 100. Wow. And they’re expecting 150-ish next month! We’ve been broken up into three groups, and I’m getting to know the others in group A pretty well. We’ve had a bunch of “Intro to…” classes together as well as overviews, benefits meetings, and even city tours! (Nothing like getting paid to eat ice cream at the UWMU!) I’ve started learning M (aka MUMPS, aka Cach�) and it’s pretty straightforward: similar to, but in some ways radically different than, C, the language I worked on in college.

It’s somewhat of a bummer that I live so far out of Madison. It’s about a 40-50 minute commute, but I’m getting used to that; it’s not a big deal at all. But there have already been some invites for social gatherings for the new hires that I really haven’t been able to go to. I suppose in the future these may be planned out a little more, so it won’t be such an immediate issue. But for now, sometimes I feel left out.

I have been meeting new people, though, and I remember some of their names, so that’s good. Hopefully I fit in a little more in the coming weeks.

Anyway, love the job so far! Looking forward to see where it goes from here!

I have internet!

We’re officially hooked up with Internet and TV in the new apartment. Oh yeah… and we’re back from Alaska!!

Yesterday seemed like a really long day… arriving in Chicago at 6:30am, which felt like 3:30 Alaska time. Then we tried to keep each other awake while we drove back to Farley, IA to pick up all the wedding gifts. After a brief nap and some lunch, we tripped up to Dodgeville, finally “home.” Whew, there’s still a lot of stuff in the apartment. I suppose I’m supposed to get at it right away…. *sigh*