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My feet hurt!

That was a LONG walk we had to take to see the Mendenhall Glacier. (Two days ago in Juneau) Amanda and I were going to ride the city bus ($1.50 a ticket) to the local brewery, but while we were waiting for the bus, we met a young student who had been driving tours and said that the bus stopped near the glacier and told us some interesting tips about it. Since there was another couple on the bus already going to the glacier, we decided to go all the way out there and skip the brewery. We first heard it was about a 3/4 of a mile hike from the bus stop to the glacier…. then later it was a mile… then a mile and a half. Well, we made it anyway… got several good pics of the glacier, wandered around a bit, and made our way back to the bus stop. I complained for a fair bit of the way, but Amanda kept me moving. All in all, we made it out to the glacier for $6 rather than the $20 it would’ve cost for a tour shuttle.

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Capital of Alaska!

Hoy! That took a whole minute to login! Amanda says I’ll just have to type quickly.

We’re about half-way through our cruise and things are going very well. There have been a couple downers (including an incident which re-inforces my dislike of all things salad-y). Plus I’ve been fighting a cold since we got on the ship. Drugs are nice though, and Amanda’s been kind enough to put up with my sneezing.

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Touring the ship!

For 35 cents a minute, I can make really quick posts each day…. or maybe not. We’ll just see.

We got on the boat REALLY easily, and were in our stateroom within fifteen minutes from the taxi drop-off. The stateroom is kindof small, but I think it’s pretty nice. We’ve been touring the ship and are pretty impressed so far! Taking a bunch of pictures, some panorams, and movies. I think we’re in for a great time!

-Amanda and Benjamin

Married and out of the country!

Whee! We’re finally in the Coast Vancouver Hotel. I think God was teasing us, or at least testing us on trust. After leaving an hour after we had planned, yet still getting to Chicago an hour early, we had about two hours in the terminal before our 2:30 departure. Thanks to a problem with the plane, however we didn’t actually leave until 4. Just a bit stressful since we only had a 90-minute layover in Dallas. We got to DFW, found that the next flight (leaving in 15 minutes, on-time) was in a different terminal. God bless the Skylink…. the high-speed tram that got us to the gate just in time for final boarding call.

We made it through customs just fine and… YES!… our luggage made it to the new plane. Flights were very nice and smooth. Amanda did well for her first trip, even though we had a few tiny glitches! Well, I’m off!!!!

Three-and-a-half hours

That’s how much time is left. Wow. I’m in my tux, sitting on the hotel bed using free wireless. Actually, it’s the only time I cracked my laptop… to do this entry. Perhaps I should write some deep words of feeling… but… it’s kind of the same as before… sort of surreal that this is actually happening.

Yesterday morning, we set up the hall for the reception, and that felt a little bit like I was about to get married. Then in the afternoon, Amanda and I went to US Cellular to upgrade our plans, so that was kind of same old, same old… techie toys and indecisions about which model to get.

Back home, however, things started to get hectic, and I really started to feel like this was actually happening. Thankfully, once people arrived, all their tuxes and shoes fit well, so we didn’t have to make any emergency trips to Dubuque…. well, at least for tuxes. I had forgotten tapes for the FIVE digital cameras I had at my disposal for the wedding. Russ and Tom were a couple of nice guys and ran to Wal-Mart before dinner to get some last-minute materials. Thanks guys!

Rehearsal was kindof crazy… hopefully we all know what we’re doing! It’ll be fun. Now I have to go catch my ride to the church for three hours of pictures….. joy!!!

I’m getting married!!!!

Everything moved in

As of last night, everything is finally in the new apartment. Well, everything that is except for several large items of luggage packed with stuff for our honeymoon which are now in Farley, with us. I started unpacking some of the things… alphabetizing CDs, reading through elementary-school writings, and washing new dishes. I also have the appointment set up for internet installation the morning after we get back. Things are looking well… at least, they were until last night.

We were sitting on the new bed, packing suitcases when we heard dripping coming from the bathroom…. It was raining… indoors. Something wrong with the plumbing upstairs. Looking on the bright side, though, they have a week and a half when we’re not there to work on it! A couple other minor apartment fix-ups and we’ll be set.

Now we’re in Farley and things are officially starting to set in that, yes, I’ll be getting married in just a day and a half! And as for last minute preparations…. they’ll all yelling at me to try on my tux now, so I’d better cut this short. I’m excited: lots ahead these next few days!!

On the road again…

According to the car timers, I’ve been on the road 17 hours in the last two week, and that doesn’t count the time I spent driving from Ames to Waverly to Darlington… wait, maybe it counts one of those… I just know I’ve been on the road a lot! We’ve effectively moved three loads to the new place. Now Amanda just has to pack up all the little things in her apartment.

More rambling about the new place…

The kitchen is nice… tons of cabinets which is good since both of us had pretty stocked apartments and then we’re getting married which means a bunch more random kitchen items. There’s a good-sized, fairly new dishwasher, and the stove has a timer on it. Oooohhh! 😛 I guess I didn’t mention the building is a security-locked building, so we have a cool buzzer that unlocks the front door from our apartment (it’s a gadget… I like gadgets!). There’s a tiny deck and room behind closet doors in the 2nd bathroom for a washer and dryer if we ever get one. Otherwise the laundry room is right next door (adjacent to the 2nd bathroom… NOT the bedroom). I seriously have to take my tape measure and figure out how much closet space we have here. It’s a ton!

No longer homeless

Well, that went quickly. Saturday I officially moved out of my Frederiksen apartment, not knowing where I’d end up, and Monday we found the place where we’ll be living… for at least the next 11+ months. Then last night (Tuesday) we made it official by signing the lease and moving the first vanload (a bunch of my college stuff) in.

It’s a pretty nice place we have: two big bedrooms, a huge living room, two bathrooms (one in the master bedroom), and HUGE closets, including a nice-sized locked storage room right across the building hallway. The place has an elevator which is nice for moving in, since we did have to get a 2nd floor apartment. Another perk, however, is the underground parking with room for both our vehicles. The garage door is kindof like CyRide’s… hit the button from your car, drive in (or out) and it closes automatically. All in all, we’re pretty happy with the place.

Today, I’m taking a vanload of more of my stuff that had made it as far as Amanda’s apartment. Tonight we plan to try and make a 2nd trip with some of the bigger items. This weekend should hopefully involve another family member or two getting the couch, futon, and possibly bed moved, although we both kindof agreed that we don’t want to spend a night in the new place until we’re married. Kindof a … new home thing… okay, we’re just weird. Anyway… it’s pretty exciting, and pictures will be up in the gallery shortly. (Along with Becca’s first communion… sorry future sister-in-law… I’ll get to them ASAP!)

Not much left in my room… except Christmas Stuff!!!!

I suppose I should post since I haven’t in a while. I’m officially done with everything class-related. I had an Operating Systems final on Tuesday that went, in my opinion, fairly well. I spent the rest of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday getting my room completely packed up into all the crates and boxes I had left. My parents came on Thursday and we loaded up the van and cleaned the apartment. It was probably the most prepared for a move that I’ve ever been.

In the middle of loading the van, I got a surprise phone call! Without detailing too much in a public journal, I’ll just say I was finally able to go pick up some things that had been sitting in a warehouse for two and a half years!! It was like Christmas going through everything last night and seeing what I had been missing. I’ve been cataloging everything, even the big pile of CDs I’m accumulating that will be tossed. I definitely have something to keep me busy the rest of today! Unfortunately, I think I AM still missing some of my favorite country CDs… but with getting everything else back…. it’s really not that huge of a deal. One thing’s for sure… I used to spend WAAAY too much money on DVDs. This effectively tripled my current (new) DVD stash! Finally, I have my “Back to the Future” and “Short Circuit”s back! Among others…

Anyway, in other news, I officially graduate Saturday (ooh, I guess that’s tomorrow) morning. That has DEFINITELY not sunk in yet. Oh well… exciting times ahead for me!