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Server relocated (again)

Well, once again the webserver has moved. It’s not housed at my good friend Russ’s place. We got wordpress, gallery, and mail all up and running, so I went ahead and did the switch. Mail was a little shaky this morning, but I think everything’s coming through just fine now. Let me know if anything’s missing or if anything’s broken on the site, but it should look about the same as before. Gallery was upgraded to a new version so it got a neat little facelift. Otherwise… happy surfing!

Oooh… I’ll get to turn my computer off tonight! Hooray!

Last two weeks of my primary educational career

So… I only have this week, next week (dead week), and finals (only one final), and then I’m done with 22 years of education. Wow.

Okay, so it really hasn’t quite sunk in, but around this time each semester, I usually post about what I have left to do. I’m also usually quite stressed about it. Not at all this semester. Maybe it’s the senioritis; maybe it’s just because all my classes are more or less done. But I’m definitely relaxing and not too worried about these last few days. I have two exams and two presentations left. That’s pretty much it. Detailed remaining activities follow…
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It’s a wrap

After several days of delibrations, the verdict is in: I will be starting work at Epic Systems in Madison, WI on June 6, 2005. Now I can ramble on about all the stuff I’ve been wanting to journal about, but didn’t really want to since this is public (yeah, I know, nobody ever reads this) and I hadn’t yet made a decision. So if you want to hear all about the search and my deliberations, read on. If you want the short version… it’s just this:

I have a job finally! And I’m really looking forward to it. Busy couple of months ahead! (okay, so that last part will be in another post)

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Exercise is Dangerous

Ow. So, probably a couple of hours ago I decided to head out on my bike and put in a good hour, if not more, of biking as I was so bored in the apartment and didn’t really have anything major to do.

I had planned to ride the trails that go just east of Elwood, but when I crossed Elwood and started riding along 6th, I noticed the trail I wanted was 20 feet over. So, like the shortcut-taking man that I am, I just rode down the small valley between the two trails. Unfortunately, the shadow from a tree was falling on a nice hole at the bottom of that valley. Since I was going fast to make it up the other side, I hit it at full speed. My bike stopped; I didn’t. I landed hard on my left shoulder as I watched my bike go flying over me.

I’m fine; well, a little (okay a lot) sore in my left shoulder, but nothing’s broken or cracked (or so “they” say at Student Health). Ice and Ibuproffen are my therapy. And no playing piano for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship tonight. As for the bike… the front fork is bent in a bunch and the wheel is, of course, nice and mangled. Big bummer since I had just gotten into the habit of biking to class and everywhere else I went. *Sigh* Only a few more weeks and then I’m out of here anyway. Thank you to my nice roommate Tom who picked me and my bike up and carted me over to Student Health.

Alternative Galleries

Sooooo. Since everything else on my site is changing around, I thought I’d take a look at the new version of the gallery software I’m running. Gallery2 can be found at . I guess at first glance I don’t like it, but that’s just because it’s so bright. It’s also a little busy. But these are mainly configuration things. Anyway, I know that there aren’t that many people that look at my site, let alone view the galleries, but if you do happen to read this, would you mind dropping a comment to this post on which you prefer?