The Future Mrs. Flessner

Ben wants to share a website when we get married; so I get posting previleges to his website just a little bit early. Only 8 weeks until I’m Mrs. Benjamin Flessner. 🙂

1 thought on “The Future Mrs. Flessner

  1. Well..I was bored at work one day and randomly started putting names
    into Target wedding gift things..well, I thought of Amanda..and up her
    named popped on my my screen, I this THE same Amanda Weber?
    I copied Ben’s name and put it into google..cause for some reason I thought
    I knew it *but I didn’t*..and up came his webpage!
    I checked out the pictures and saw Amanda!
    I just wanted to say Congratulations! Im very happy for you!
    amanda..if you want, drop me an email..I’ve been up to no in
    good ole Bloomington,IN working for Hallmark and I have found a new,better

    Anyways, Wish you all the best!
    Jessica A

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