Monthly Archives: March 2005

Warranties are useful… part two!

Once upon a time, ( actually a couple of months ago), I made a post about replacing my motherboard on my laptop. I thought that was cool just by itself… But since then, my useful warranty has replaced 4 different parts! This doesn’t necessarily mean that Dell parts are junk… it just means that I have found legitimate reasons to replace hardware in this laptop. Story of my warranty follows…

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Sleep helps

So I woke up with a fresh mind and after an hour or two of tweaking code here and there and looking for a theme I kindof liked, I think I have my site running the way I wanted. I was able to hack the admin functions so I can now go directly to creating a new post (yay!), and I now have the “Schedule,” “Some More Favorites,” and my “Page” page all set up to use the new template. I also figured out how to get my yearly/monthly calendar to work with the new version… now just to see if I can get today’s date to blink like it did before.

Other fun stuff I found (having nothing to do with the upgrade) was the random-gallery image feature of my gallery. I don’t know for sure how much I like it… I have some strange pictures in my gallery, but for now it’s kindof neat over there on the right sidebar.

Upgrade schmupgrade

So I tried upgrading WordPress to 1.5 tonight. I don’t like it. I’ll give myself a couple of days on it, but I still don’t think I’ll like it…. I see my menu has completely changed, so I get to re-write that from scratch, since the old one doesn’t seem to work. And my cool calendar I had set up doesn’t work. Then I see if you view a full post (I think now in this version it says “Click here to read the rest of the story”) that you don’t have a menu bar at all…. Oh… that’s a third file I’ll have to edit. And when I “login” to make a new entry, I now have to login and then click on “Write” rather than going directly to it like before…. just because people wanted a “Dashboard” in their admin area. Maybe there’s a way to change that, but I don’t see it right now…. I liked my site the way I had it before. Maybe I’m just grouchy and need some sleep…. Sounds like a good plan!

Exciting, Fun-filled March

Whew, so I guess I haven’t been updating too much over the last few weeks. And I won’t talk too much about the biggest thing going on in the last couple of weeks since I don’t quite know an answer yet…. but I’m hoping to have more information on one or two different job offers later this week. Here’s hoping….

If I really ramble on…. here’s what it’ll be on… Last week was spring break… had some good times there. The week before was midterm mayhem, but I think I pulled through that with some (hopefully) flying colors. The wedding planning is still going smoothly. We met with several different people over the last couple of weeks… sometimes getting contradicting messages, but hopefully we can sort them all out.

You know… instead of one rambling post, I think I’ll break it up…. sounds like a plan. (Entries will probably be back-dated, so if I’m reading this in the future, this post probably won’t make any sense!)