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I still remember how to drive a car!

Since I’ll probably be in Ames for the next two months, this weekend was my last chance to get up to the Farley area to see Amanda’s family and get some much needed wedding planning accomplished. It was a rather strange sensation to get into my car and drive around a bit, considering I haven’t driven in almost a month…ish. Okay, so maybe not quite that long, but I certainly won’t be driving quite as much now that I’m not driving a bus. *sigh*

Random ramblings follow…
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What do you want to do for our honeymoon?

So… last week, I think it was Wednesday or something, Amanda calls me while I’m in Los Angeles and randomly asks me what we should do for our honeymoon. So we looked at some ideas, threw some out, looked at others, reconsidered the first idea again, and a week later, we somehow have everything booked!

We have a two-room fireplace/whirlpool suite booked for “the night.” On Sunday we take off for Chicago for a mid-afternoon flight up to Vancouver, Canada. A Boeing MD-80 is a rather small plane (5 seats, 1 aisle), but we did get to pick seats and we got the 2-seat side. Sunday evening we have a hotel room with some kind of “gift” in the room (comes with the package I guess).

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My first Los Angeles bus ride

This morning, our choir had to hit two sound-checks in about 90-ish minutes. Unfortunately, the subway ticketing system didn’t work so hot for us. Once we did get to a couple of places, though, they were really nice and sounded excellent. A coulple of fast-food stops later, Nick and I ventured onto an LA bus to experience mass transit on the road, rather than the rails. Now we’re back in our hotel with nothing planned except an hour of rest until 8:00 tonight.

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Welcome to Los Angeles

Well, we made it here just fine… Uneventful trip up to the airport…. Security was a cinch there, so no biggie. We made it in plenty of time, so we had a 2.5 hour wait at the airport. Kinda wish I hadn’t eaten a couple sandwiches on the bus, because that pizza looked gooood. The plane ride was just as uneventful. Most of the choir was seated together and we actually had room to stretch legs. I slept for an hourish on the plane, so that helped a bit when we arrived in LA at around 1am central time. Baggage was returned very quickly and our bus was waiting outside. I secured the jump-seat in the front stairwell for myself and viewed the city on the way to our hotel from the driver’s perspective. I actually got to help him with the MapQuest directions… but we did make it here (to the hotel) on our first shot.

Yes, the hotel is tiny, and the rooms are pretty small themselves. The beds are nice, soft and queen-sized. Comfy, but they take up the whole room. About two feet between the side of my bed and the windows, and 4 feet from the foot of the beds to the wall make for not much room to stow our luggage.

There’s also “technically” a wireless access point around here somewhere. Of course I can’t reach it from my bed, but I can from the desk two feet away. Hopefully we can get the real, wired Internet running in here in the next day or so.

Well, my plan was to ride the subways with Dr. Rodde at 9:30…. but it’s almost 8 and I’m wide awake. Guess I’ll go find something to occupy my time with.