Yearly Archives: 2005

Back from LA… again

I’m finally home from 4 days in LA, away from my wife :-(. My mom says that’s longer than she and Dad have ever been apart. Well, it’s not like I was free and enjoying myself constantly… I was working three 12-hour days supporting a hospital that was “Going-Live” with Epic software. It was a little overwhelming at first… considering I haven’t really seen the apps I was “supporting” since I went through training 6 months ago. But after awhile, I became a little more comfortable and could sucessfully answer most of the questions I was asked. I spent the first two days working on a general med-surg floor, but on the third day, I weasled my way onto floor three: Labor & Delivery, FCC (Post-Partum care), and the NICU. I didn’t get to see a ton of babies, but I saw a few! I guess I also feel thankful that we’ll be having ours in a smaller hospital with (hopefully) less competition for attention. With 12-hour shifts, I really only had time to get up, go to work, come back to the hotel, grab some food, and fall asleep. So I kept pretty busy, but I did miss Amanda a bunch.

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Speaking of babies…

I’ve been doing a ton of geneaological data entry (6200+ people so far). You know, pretty close to me there have been some interesting trends.

My mom’s mother was one of six girls, no boys. My mom has two sisters and no brothers. My dad’s parents’ first three children were girls. So were my parents’. Each of my three sisters had two girls to start out their families. Hmm.

On Amanda’s side…well, the first FIVE kids born to her parents were girls. And her dad, third-in-line, has two older sisters.

And just in case anyone’s wondering….. the trend continues 🙂 .

Lots of Flessner babies

So.. in other news, I found out two of my cousins, the only other male “Flessner’s” my age are BOTH expecting and due sometime around next March-April. So all three Flessner “boys” are doing their part to carry on the family name. Good work, men!

And, no, we don’t know yet whether or not it’s a boy or a girl, although we may find out on Friday… we’ll see how things go!

Gas is expensive

That’s a given. But it’s really sad when it costs over $30 to fill up a little Chevy Cavalier. I miss living in Iowa. Gas prices have gone from $2.35 to $2.49 to $2.72 here in the last week and a half. Why did I think commuting was so great? Of course, I’ll probably look back on this in a couple of years and wish I could pay $2.72 a gallon. *Sigh*

Too many months

Heh, so while browsing around my site at lunch, I noticed there seemed to be some things missing from the Archives listing on the side of my site. Actually a whole year was gone. Turns out the function to populate that list was taking an input of “maximum number of months displayed” or some other mumbo jumbo. I guess I have more than 24 months of history… ‘course that makes sense since it goes back to 2002. I increased it to 50… no actually, I can get rid of it and display unlimited months. Nice. Okay, now Im rambling in a blog post, so I’d better finish it up and study some ActiveX.