Getting over the sickness

Well, this morning I am finally getting over this crazy sickness I’ve had all week. Not fun!

Monday afternoon, with nothing to do, I sat on the couch and read up until I was supposed to go to work at 5. Having a small headache when I got up, I took an Excederin before leaving. Not 20 minutes into my shift, my stomach started feeling a little unsettled. Despite Karen’s urgings that I conserve my sick leave, I called in sick on the radio and was promptly switched out. ….I was switched out at the cardinal endpoint, not 50 feet from my apartment, but I still had to drive the bus back to base and then drive my car back home…. but that’s beside the point!

Good thing I made the call… ‘since I tried to go to bed by 7 and ended up in the bathroom throwing up and other fun stuff well past midnight. I could never get to sleep so I finally sat in the living room and tried to watch Fellowship of the Ring. I guess I did get a couple hours of sleep in. Thankfully I didn’t have anything to do on Tuesday.

Spent pretty much all of Tuesday drinking water and in bed or in the bathroom. Fun fun. I think I actually did get to sleep around 7ish Tuesday night. Didn’t know how my 489 exam was going to go the next morning. Well… since I got to sleep at 7, of course I woke up at 2am. Wide awake, I took care of some senior design things that needed to be done this week. Somehow I managed to get back to bed around 3:30 and slept ’till 7.

My body complained greatly at the movement, but I did manage to walk to my exam yesterday (wednesday) morning. I wouldn’t say that I passed it with flying colors, but I hope I did better than average. My mind was still kindof spinning. Spent another couple hours in bed in the afternoon and then woke up, deciding that I probably shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a 20-ton bus quite yet. Especially when I was supposed to be doing 5.5 hours of circulator… a daunting task even for the healthy.

In bed by 8 and up by 5:30 has left me feeling so much more refreshed this morning. Hopefully I can remember how those buses work if I get called in for my 9:00 on-call. Just glad I’m done with all this mess. Oh yeah… school’s done for the semester too… yay!

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