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Do the Church swap…

Well, nothing ever works out perfectly, does it? After we thought everything was a go for Redeemer on June 4, we start hearing that her parents would really prefer having the wedding near home for a number of very good reasons. Well, the problem is most of the churches around the area are Catholic, and Lutheran churches don’t seem to take very kindly to having non-members come in and use their church for a wedding with a different pastor.

So what’ll it be? My church which makes her whole family uncomfortable, a Catholic church which would make Amanda, me, and my family uncomfortable, or a local Lutheran church that makes everybody uncomfortable. Read on to find out the answer!!!! 😛
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Getting over the sickness

Well, this morning I am finally getting over this crazy sickness I’ve had all week. Not fun!

Monday afternoon, with nothing to do, I sat on the couch and read up until I was supposed to go to work at 5. Having a small headache when I got up, I took an Excederin before leaving. Not 20 minutes into my shift, my stomach started feeling a little unsettled. Despite Karen’s urgings that I conserve my sick leave, I called in sick on the radio and was promptly switched out. ….I was switched out at the cardinal endpoint, not 50 feet from my apartment, but I still had to drive the bus back to base and then drive my car back home…. but that’s beside the point!

Good thing I made the call… ‘since I tried to go to bed by 7 and ended up in the bathroom throwing up and other fun stuff well past midnight. I could never get to sleep so I finally sat in the living room and tried to watch Fellowship of the Ring. I guess I did get a couple hours of sleep in. Thankfully I didn’t have anything to do on Tuesday.

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Mis-matched church calendars

Well, last Saturday night, I talked a bunch on the phone with Pastor Carpenter, from the Lutheran church where I grew up. We talked about what’s needed to be done and other possibilities, like my Uncle Henry, a retired Lutheran pastor doing the whole service. It seemed like this were going to work out great.

Now Amanda and I wanted to get married on a Saturday in May. I graduate on the 7th, my niece Amy graduates on the 14th, and Amanda’s sister Katie graduates from high school on the 28th. So I asked Pastor Carpenter if Redeemer (the church) was available. He said it looked like it to him, but I’d just have to call the church and confirm on Monday morning. Whoops! That day’s been taken for a year and a half! Great… I guess now we were set for June 4.

(Note the past tense… this entry is still back-dated. More details to follow!)