Day at Cornerstone

Today I got to play with a bunch of techie stuff at Cornerstone church. It was awesome! Well… pretty cool at least. I spent the morning recording a bunch of old messages and equipping hours to my hard drive. I thought that’d take awhile, like it did on Sunday, but it was going really fast. Plus I was using two comptuers, so I was bouncing around those for most of the morning.

I also got to take apart the DVD duplicator to figure out why one drive wasn’t working for someone. I didn’t really do much except for unplug it and plug it back in. I burned 5 Cds and it seemed to work fine for me. Maybe that’s all it needed.

In the afternoon, I got to climb around the catawalks taking down and moving spotlights around. I ran all around the new set for the Christmas program and saw many parts of the stage I hadn’t seen before. I didn’t get to play with the sound board or the new smart lights, but hopefully I got my foot in the door and can get my hands on those sometime in the near future.

Now I’m checking out the internet capabilities of the Panera store before I head down to DSM with a couple of friends. (Because I have nothing else to do over break…) I’ll probably head home tomorrow someday. Looking forward to seeing Amanda tomorrow night for Thanksgiving! Hope she’s gotten over the sickness everyone in her family seemed to have last weekend.

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