Monthly Archives: November 2004

Day at Cornerstone

Today I got to play with a bunch of techie stuff at Cornerstone church. It was awesome! Well… pretty cool at least. I spent the morning recording a bunch of old messages and equipping hours to my hard drive. I thought that’d take awhile, like it did on Sunday, but it was going really fast. Plus I was using two comptuers, so I was bouncing around those for most of the morning.

I also got to take apart the DVD duplicator to figure out why one drive wasn’t working for someone. I didn’t really do much except for unplug it and plug it back in. I burned 5 Cds and it seemed to work fine for me. Maybe that’s all it needed.
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I’m not a push-over anymore!

No longer can you ride my bus without paying… HA!

I used to be a big push-over when people said they didn’t have any money, saying, “yeah, just bring double next time.” I finally learned to put my foot down. I was driving Green route and had 4 kids try to get on at the high school. They were going to the mall, an entire 4 blocks away. The first girl, who was obviously with the group, drops in 50 cents. The next person suddenly gets this dumb look on his face and says “oh, you have to pay at this stop?” Yup. It’s not a bad day outside; you can walk to the mall if you don’t have any money on you. I’ll even give the girl a refund for the 50 cents. They begged for awhile and I kept shaking my head. One tried to walk on my bus and I put up my hand and said, “no,” or something super-authoritative like that. Then one of them looks in his wallet and pulls out a dollar bill. I said, “well that will cover two of you.” More pleading, more staring them down. They finally got off my bus after swearing at me several times.

I was pretty proud of myself. On one hand.. yes, the bus follows a certain route and might as well carry people around rather than drive around empty. On the other hand. I had at least two people on my bus who had paid up the full four-quarters fare, and even if it weren’t theft to ride the bus without paying, it’s not fair to the other people who did just drop money in the farebox.
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This mac thinks it’s a PC!

Once-in-awhile I get an hour of spare time on campus. I usually like to come to the Durham lab and use the dual-screen media computer… just because I’m used to dual-screens and I like them. Today there was somebody already using it… curses!! Well… there is a mac with dual displays…. but… it’s a mac.

Yay for remote desktop. I have the two screens connected to my two computers back in my apartment. Voila… two windows computers “running” on a mac. (Forgive me, I don’t speak French well.)

Now to just get used to the annoying keyboard and single-button mouse.

Slightly stressful weekend

Unlike previous weekend updates, I can’t say this one was “great!” Although spending time with Amanda is always fun, I had a few too many things to do that caused just a little bit of stress.

First of all, I had the com sci midterm on Monday night… so I was spending some hours studying for that. The larger part was fleshing out the Design Doc for Sr. Design. That I spent probably 8 stressful hours Saturday/Sunday night working on. Without going into a giant rant about it, I’ll just say I was not happy… with the content I had to work with, with the computer I was working on, and the insanely slow dial-up internet. I’m so glad Amanda puts up with my ranting phone calls and keeps me in line!

Oh… to clarify. I stayed in Waverly through Sunday night because my uncle’s funeral was on Monday morning in Waukon, IA. So… that’s what I did on Monday. Couple hours up to the funeral, then 3.5 hours back to Ames just in time for the Com Sci midterm.

The good news is the midterm went very well. Even though I was almost sick going into it, I felt I understood everything on it, and was feeling a lot better afterwards. Couple Voyagers, pizza, and bed made for a good night!