A carless student…

Today I got to experience what it was like to be without a car. I had lots of fun riding the buses all over town, and, in the evening, hid at CyRide through a tornado warning and then drove someone else’s car to go get mine fixed. Confused? Click the link to read the whole story…

After class got out, my first order of business was to go and get the parts I needed for my car. Actually, the first order of business was lunch… which was mac ‘n cheese, but I forgot milk, so I made it without milk, and it was actually pretty good that way… I’ll have to try that in the future. But that is all beside the point.

I hopped on Blue to go down to South Duff and hit up O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. $330 and 40 minutes later I cross Duff in time to see Blue take-off. That’s okay. I sat in the shade and called up Mom, telling her what was up. I should hopefully get $130 from returning my old parts, and Russ says I’m supposed to get a discount because I’m a city employee. We’ll see if I can get anything back, now that I’ve already made my purchase.

20 minutes later, I’m on the next Blue heading back towards campus. I’ll need green to get over to CyRide to drop off the parts for my dispatcher. The plan was: she takes the parts home tonight and her husband puts on my starter, so at least I have a car. Well we ended up picking up a wheel-chair which made us super-late, and I ended up getting a private ride to CyRide anyway after I helped load and unload the wheelchair.

Drop the goods at base and head out to catch the bus again to go back south to the same area to get some much needed groceries. Green was late because of a farmer’s market detour on Thursdays, which made blue late because I had to transfer to it to get to HyVee. Anyway…. picked up groceries and rode the bus home pretty much without incident.

6pm. I head out to SALT company for their first service of the year. I meet a few people before it starts as I help set up tents and whatnot. We got through most of the service before they made an announcement that there was a tornado over in Boone (west of us), so we were closing up early. I helped pack up sound equipment as it started to pour.

I hopped on the Cardinal route to ride back to base with Russ (driver friend) as the sky is getting greener and brighter with lots and lots of lightning. As we’re in the minivan headed to base we hear the emergency siren go off on the radio. Run into base and 10 minutes later, Ames has a tornado warning. The system shuts down 8 minutes before Jen was going to go home (oh yeah… interjection. I was going to ride home with Jen, help her husband put my new starter in, then drive my car home). The few people left at CyRide had to get to an interior room for about 35 minutes. Fun fun!

I’ll finish up the story quickly now. Jen had to stay at CyRide to help get people back on track, so I took her truck to her place, and her husband and I got the starter in. Turn key: VROOOM! Yay! I have a car again! Still need to do the brakes, but at least the car runs again.


Like my new updates? I ramble a lot! Maybe I’m making up for lost time. Who knows?

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