next-to-last college semester!

… is this thing on? check… 1, 2, 3…

Hey cool. This thing does still work. Sorry about not updating… I was enjoying the last weeks of summer to the fullest extent. (that and I’ve been trying to get away from the computer more often)

So, it’s the third day of classes and, if I had to give a rating to the start of the semester, it would be slightly below average. Then again, yesterday was an all-around bad day, so maybe it’s not as bad as it seems. Anyway, classes review to continue…

First class I attended this week was Com Sci 311, intro to Algorithms. I’ve heard nightmare stories about this class, but so far it seems to be going well. The instructor speaks English well, and moves at a slow enough pace for me to actually take notes: a rare find! Plus, I didn’t have to buy the book for this class; I just borrowed a friend’s.

Next up was CprE 585. I think I may excercise a drop for the first time ever with this class! While I will give it some time, I can barely understand/follow along with the guy’s English. The material is fairly interesting to me, but nothing I would miss terribly if I had to drop the course. We’ll just see how the frist exam goes.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings I have CprE 530 (a networking class) at 8am. But score! I don’t have to leave my room for it. He does it over the ICN, and we can watch the lectures at home or any time after class we want. The depressing thing for this class was spending $50 on two books that were for the wrong class. The book store had the wrong books listed. At least I plan on taking this class next spring… so I hope they don’t change books!

CprE 489 surprised most of us who were expecting to be taught by Dr. Russell. Guess we now have some new guy teaching it. At least it’s not the instructor that teaches in the spring, notorious for an extra-difficult teaching style. Bookstore didn’t have any books listed for this class, but I found out that I’ll need an $80 (lowest used price online) book. Rats.

Senior Design lecture seemed to convince most of us that we’d spend the rest of our lives saying, “Would you like fries with that?” *Sigh.* Let’s just hope I can make it through this one last year. Maybe I’ll get a Computer Engineering job, maybe not. The list of projects (for those that don’t know, senior design is a class where you create some kind of engineering project throughout the year in teams.) didn’t really show up anything exciting, but I did find five choices to send in as my preference. I find out in the next day or two what I will be slaving away at for the next 9 months. Oh boy…

The last “class” was Iowa State Singers. No surprises there. It felt great to be back in a group like that, even if my throat has been sore for the last week. The highlight of the year will definitely be flying to LA in February for the national ACDA (American Choral Director’s Association) convention. We will certaintly be busy this year. October concert (hopefully our program for ACDA), holiday concert right before break, madrigal dinner right after break, followed by ACDA two weeks after madrigal. Whee!

Some highs, some lows… hopefully it will be a good semester. Not much time left!!!

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