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I have brakes!

Yay! I have brakes on my car. Thanks to my dispatcher’s husband, I spent about half of what CarX wanted, plus I got a free starter!!! Er… well, once it was all said and done, I spent half as much on brakes+starter as CarX wanted for just the brakes. Okay… I’m confused now.

Anyway… This last weekend was the Iowa State Singers’ Fall Retreat. Pretty fun; met a bunch of the new people we have in choir this year. Played “I’ve Never” and landed in the middle more than a couple times. Fell over in my chair to the amusement of everyone else. Yeah! Fun times! Should be a good year with singers.

Since I’m writing this DURING CprE 585, I think I’m closer to making the decision to drop this class. I could use the $60 from the book, and who wouldn’t love three extra hours of free time in the week? Seriously, though… I can’t understand the instructor, and I’m seriously questioning how much I will use this material in my future career.

Three small paragraphs… three seperate subjects. Sweet!

Old cars get expensive

My car’s been nice to me. Even though hail trashed a window last year, and I’ve gone through a couple of tires and other miscelaneous parts including a cruise control amplifier (whatever that is), I haven’t had any major problems it it.

SO. After this summer’s vacation, my brakes were squealing a bit after takeoff. And then a couple weeks ago they started grinding. So I take it into CarX to see what’s up. They said $550 for new brakes in the rear and $450 to replace my coil springs which they just happened to notice were broken. I told them to wait, considering I paid barely twice that for the car.

Yay for CyRide dispatchers with husbands who work on cars! Jen’s husband is helping me out with the brakes. Worst-case scenario, we’ll have to replace calipers only. Best case would be just new pads. And the coil springs are only cracked way on the bottom, so they’re fine to leave the way they are. But anyway… I had my car over at their house for him to look at. When I was ready to leave, I turned the key and “click… click.” We played with the battery for an hour, but there was nothing wrong with it. Apparently my starter is toast, so we just added another $100 to this car. *Sigh* Fun things going wrong with old cars. I suppose it could’ve easily been a whole lot worse. Question is… do I get rid of the thing as soon as it works, or keep on driving it until the next major malfunction? I suppose if I’m spending money on parts now, I might as well keep it for awhile. It’s still a nice car… fully wired up with 12VDC and 120VAC power :-D. Yay geekdom!

next-to-last college semester!

… is this thing on? check… 1, 2, 3…

Hey cool. This thing does still work. Sorry about not updating… I was enjoying the last weeks of summer to the fullest extent. (that and I’ve been trying to get away from the computer more often)

So, it’s the third day of classes and, if I had to give a rating to the start of the semester, it would be slightly below average. Then again, yesterday was an all-around bad day, so maybe it’s not as bad as it seems. Anyway, classes review to continue…

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