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Permalinks are annoying

Actually, I believe it was mod_rewrite. Actually… I don’t know. But somehow I got it working now, so all the pages linked around here have “pretty” url’s like:


rather than a big funky string that doesn’t make any sense. Probably not of any interest to anyone, but I’m proud of myself for getting it to work!


Thursday was, perhaps, our cheapest day, but only because it was prepaid three months ago.

The day started out with a tour of the local garage sales. Garage sale-ing in the suburbs is quite an experience in a place like St. Paul. Julianne said the day was a poor-day for it, but we still went to at least 5 or 6 within an hour or two. Amanda spent a quarter on a much needed pitcher, and I bought two binders for fifty cents.

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Today was the Valleyfair day. Beautiful sunny day with only a couple of raindrops late in the day. Amanda was resistant at first about some of the roller coasters, but I finally got her on every one except the Wild Thing. We saw a magic show, and an IMAX film hosted by Tim Allen. Spent most of the afternoon in the waterpark, going on each thing at least twice. In the evening we did the bumper cars and go-karts, finishing up with a carousel ride right before close. It was Amanda’s first time in a go-kart, and she seemed to enjoy it!

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Swimming, Golfing, and Driving

Better do these back-entries before I forget. (I did the last one, about Monday, during vacation… I’m now home and trying to remember what I did all week!)

I had my first hot krispy kreme donut this morning. It was ok, but nothing I’ll need to make a big fuss over or make a regular habit of visiting. We were taking the kids to swimming lessons at a brand new indoor training place…. pretty nice.

Then, because it was looking like rain, we loafed around the house instead of going to Valleyfair. Went swimming for a bit, and tried out a mini-golf place in the afternoon.

Then on a whim, we drove across the city to visit Tom, my ex/future roommate. Went out to eat, watched Jeopardy, and chatted/laughed/bashed mac users a lot. Amanda and I had a great time.

Finished the day with Weekend at Bernie’s but I think I slept through most of it. I don’t think I missed much.

Overpriced burgers and captivity

Went to the Como Zoo this morning and looked at a bunch of caged-up animals. I feel bad sometimes walking around looking at them and then saying “poor tiger” or “poor birds.” But in actuality, this zoo gave most animals a lot more room than I’ve seen in other zoos… Omaha in particular. Actually, Omaha is the only other zoo I can recall… but they seemed to have very large open areas for small numbers of animals.

Then the plan was to go to the Science Museum. We found a place to park and then attempted, in vain, to find a cheap place to eat. Ended up going to the “St. Paul Grill.” They did have a couple things under $10…. burgers. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, and we were told later of a couple better/cheaper places to eat. But the burgers were good, even if we felt underdressed in such a ritzy place!

The science museum was ok. I wouldn’t say stellar, but there were a bunch of interactive exhibits that we got to play with. My engineering desire to play with toys came in a few times. And I taught Amanda a thing or two about calculus and slow pendulums. 😉 Electricity too… something about resistors and capacitors. Like I said… it was okay, but we might have enjoyed it a little more if we were younger or had kids with us.

Back home, we treated our hosts to TGIFridays, and then Amanda and Julianne beat Michael and me three times in Sequence. 🙁 I still think they were hiding jacks up their sleeves!

Year of the tootsie roll

Tootsie rolls must be making a killing this year, as the majority of candy obtained at the parade was regular, chocolate tootsie rolls. But we got a bunch. Mom and Dad were feeling self concious because people kept dropping candy at their feet. We did pull in a bunch, despite an over-zealous mother next to us. More often than once she sent one of her kids to the other side of the road or up to a passed float to get “more stuff.” From pencils, to balls, to shirts. Only a couple of times did she grab something in front of us that I was reaching for. Meh.

Then we were invited to grill out at my sister’s in Waterloo. We missed the Waverly fireworks, but Amanda and I had already seen plenty this year. Actually… on the way home, we saw at least 3 different fireworks displays on the road. Kindof interesting… couldn’t decide what was so special about July 17, but it was fun to see flashing lights in the sky.