Weekend: Movies, Cars, and Relationships

This weekend was definitely filled with movies. Saw Shrek 2 for the second time… didn’t really see anything new except for the end clip in the middle of the credits. Also Around the World in 80 Days was pretty good. We also watched several movies at Amanda’s house and a couple at her sister’s apartment. Finally, I borrowed 6 movies I’d never seen and bought 2 from Blockbuster (wow, Blockbuster is a much nicer place to buy ex-rentals than Hastings: No ugly stickers on the discs, and a lifetime guarantee), so I should be set for… at least the next couple of days.

Best part of the weekend: Fixing the shuddering in my car I’ve been trying to fix for a year. It’s been into CarX several times, and I had the tires balanced at SAM’s (mistake). Anyway…. apparently what it was was something IN one of my tires… I couldn’t really hear over the phone, but it amounted to replacing one tire… that was it. They said when they put it on the balancer it just wobbled around, and no about of balancing would have fixed it. Now why couldn’t CarX or SAM’s have figured that out. It felt like a brand new car out on the highway; I no longer had a built-in permanent massager! Though… this does mean Amanda and I use MY car for our “vacation” next month. Somehow I think she planned that when she talked me into having them check it out when they changed my oil!

Amanda’s great, though. She said I was really romantic on Saturday when we were walking around the mall. I don’t remember what I was doing… but I should’ve taken notes. It made her really happy, which in turn, made me happy. Unfortunately, we also had one of our worst fights that night too. As always, we made up after some tears on both our parts, but I still feel bad about the way I behaved. I still have a long road ahead of me if I want to let go of who I used to be and how I used to treat people.

Hmm, journal getting a little too personal? Should’ve marked some of this as private? Enh, we’ll see. Only people who care to know about me will venture over to this site, so it’s probably all right. Coments welcome, though!

2 thoughts on “Weekend: Movies, Cars, and Relationships

  1. Haha I like the journal. Ya it is a little personal but hey its the internet.Just thought I would tell you I was looking for car stuff and found your journal. Intresting stuff. Thanks for the laugh.

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