Monthly Archives: June 2004

Importing old journal

I found a way to import my old journal from crazylife into wordpress. They’re all coming in as “private,” so only I can see them, but as I go through and re-read them, I’ll probably move some over to the actual site. That way I can filter out the bad/embarrasing entries I made over the last two years!

Update: Yup, about 100 entries. Just finished going through them all and posting the good ones. Might try to pull the comments up sometime, but not in the near future. Anyway… it was kindof fun reading all my old entries.

Weekend: Movies, Cars, and Relationships

This weekend was definitely filled with movies. Saw Shrek 2 for the second time… didn’t really see anything new except for the end clip in the middle of the credits. Also Around the World in 80 Days was pretty good. We also watched several movies at Amanda’s house and a couple at her sister’s apartment. Finally, I borrowed 6 movies I’d never seen and bought 2 from Blockbuster (wow, Blockbuster is a much nicer place to buy ex-rentals than Hastings: No ugly stickers on the discs, and a lifetime guarantee), so I should be set for… at least the next couple of days.

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Yay for libraries!

So I’m getting my oil changed in Dyersville (First time I’ve had some place do it), and we found a library! Yay for feeding my computer addiction! Plans for the rest of the day: Pizza with the rest of the family, then Shrek 2 for Becca’s birthday.

I think I’ll enjoy the half hour of peace and quiet I get now….

Plans for the weekend

You know, maybe with this being my actual webpage and whatnot, I’ll update once in awhile. (For those who are new to my page, I had a similar journal elsewhere, but, while I had good intentions, I never seemed to update it) Then again, maybe not. But I can talk about this weekend!

I’ll be heading back to the technologically-void farm of Amanda’s parents. Okay, so it’s not technologically void, but there’s no internet. So no updates over the weekend (I’m sure you’re all dissapointed). Actually, it kindof feels good to starve off my Internet addiction for a few days. Plus it’s actually fun to be there lately. At least, last weekend wasn’t so stressful. Who knows, maybe I’ll even milk some cows this weekend! I’ll definitely take in a couple movies (it’s Becca’s birthday, so we’re going to Shrek 2) and prepare some meals.