Monthly Archives: May 2004

Pretty Decent Weekend

All in all, Memorial Day weekend was pretty good. Amanda came down Friday night, and we spent all day Saturday walking around Ames. We probably (definitely) spent way too much money eating out, but we had a good time. Then Sunday, we went to my nephew’s graduation and open house. I at way too much pizza, cookies, and mints. Today we had grilled chicken and the family staple of scalloped corn (great, my regular journal entries now center around food).

So… I’ve spent about 5 minutes of my entire life on a skateboard. This morning I completely wiped out just trying to stand on the stupid thing. No more. I claim I missed the age where I could learn to do this, and will just resign myself to bikes, cars, and busses. Time for bed with a bloody elbow and bruised hip! Though I did play some basketball this weekend and remembered how to shoot and actually get the ball in the hoop. Real life is interesting once in awhile!


Martina McBride’s cry seems to be hardly country at all. Still, it has a couple songs which still get to me. Even if they do get me down sometimes.

I got 20 hours of work next week. Immagine that! I suppose I have 24 considering monday is a holiday and I’ll get 4 hours for that. About time for me to start earning more than 8 hours a week. Though, supposedly I’ll have my U-Bill and Discovercard paid off with this next paycheck. Hopefully.

Operating System Fun-Times

Two days ago:
Installed Mandrake 10.0 on my laptop. Looks pretty, but annoying features shall cause me not to use it on my laptop… at least for quite awhile. Good waste of 8gigs of my drive.

Re-installed Windows XP on the laptop. I got to try out the freebie MS Security updates cd as of Feb. 2004. After that, windows update downloaded 17 critical patches. I restarted, and downloaded 4 more critical patches. Restart again and still had 3 critical patches to download. Isn’t microsoft grand?!

Kill the OS on my shuttle and re-do it. It’s not quite as bad as the laptop was, but it’s hurting for a re-install. Yay for free time in the summer!

Grades… wow

Oh yeah…. by some miracle I got a 4.0gpa again this spring. I don’t know what it is. One of my ex-girlfriend’s parents once said that I was bringing her grades down. Maybe it worked two ways? (Yes, Rachel, I’m kidding!) Anyway. I only have one class this summer (English 314) so you’d think I could commit the time to getting a good grade in it. Well… we’ll just see how things go I suppose.

Pain in my side

I think a horse kicked me in the side or something when I was sleeping. It hurts something awful now. Oh well. Today all I have is my 362 "presentation" which should hopefully take less than 10 minutes… and it’s with my entire group. Then I have two bus-driving shifts. Sometime I need to go to RadioShack and get my free vinyl CDrs. Free stuff is always good. Especially when it’s instant!

Productive day

Wow, today was really productive for me. Let’s see.. I started out with a CS309 exam, which I think I did pretty well on. Well.. I hope so.

Then I made 3 phone calls I’ve been meaning to make in a long time. I ordered Chanhassen tickets for July (got them for $30 less than I was expecting!!!). I cancelled my evil CreditInform. And I made… um… another call that I’ve been meaning to do. Then I drove an empty cardinal bus for 3 hours. w00t.

Finally I came home and started on my CS362 take-home, quickly realizing that I should’ve started a lot earlier. Oh well… I finished that up too. My other grades in that class have been really good, so I’m not super-worried about it.

I can go to sleep in peace finally! Well… until Friday morning.