Monthly Archives: April 2004

Pop cans and facial hair

So… I realized that pop cans now cost exactly the same as bottles in terms of $/oz, so I’ll try buying those from now on to cut back.

But I also realized, I can’t drink from cans in my usual freaky matter because of my furry face. I can’t form a seal on the can to get anything out of it.

Anyway, I said I should update. So here it was. Maybe I’ll put something more productive in later.

End-of-semester blues

CprE 305: Project due next Friday that I barely started today
ComS 309: Project due dead week that we actually have started on, but not much
ComS 362: Project due ??? that no one has done ANYTHING on yet
Music304: Paper due in less than 2 weeks that I haven’t started.

I’m quite ready for summer… can I just time-jump there now?