Immune system getting a workout

I swear, a couple more years of visiting the Weber farm and I’ll be immune to anything. I seem to come down with something different each time I go there. Actually lately I seem to be getting assaulted too, but I’m told that means they’re accepting me as one of the family. Still, RC cars leave a mark on your skull… (JK Webers, I’m not upset or anything!)

Naw, I like going to her house. I finally have the names of her 10 siblings (Theresa, Jenny, Abby, Katie, Mike, Anna, Ben, Becca, Jared, Louis) and her parents down, and I’m slowly learning the names of her ten million relatives. I still haven’t gotten any good "farm" experience, but one of these days this city-boy is gonna learn how to milk cows (Insert Cledus T. Judd song here) and help out with other stuff. I’m up at 5am anyway… I figure I might as well learn something!

This weekend was mainly for me to meet Abby again, though I only saw her for about 5 minutes. They had a party for her on Sunday afternoon, so I met a bunch of relatives too. Took Amanda to a Lutheran church that we both got kinda weirded out about. Then we got stuck in the mud ’cause her car’s such a lightweight and the lot was new soil/gravel. Think maybe I can live through the Catholic services, or we could try the other church she talked about. Meh. I guess we both find traditional Catholic and Lutheran services very liturgical, and we don’t get as much out of them as we do from places like Cornerstone here in Ames or the baptist church she goes to in Wisconsin. Maybe that’s it. We’ll both become Baptist. 🙂

Anyway, good weekend. I’m sick on and off… mostly just a bad cold: running nose, sore throat, head-in-a-bubble. Probably a virus or something. I’ll get over it soon. Yay!

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