Monthly Archives: January 2004

Velcro is such a wierd thing

I’m so glad I dropped my 10am class. No running across campus on a snowy day like today; plus, I get a whole hour to piddle around online and update my websites for all my loyal viewers! … yeah right.

Anyway, not much happening today. Yesterday was pretty stressful, working almost 6 hours and then enduring a 2-hour group meeting for a project. This class requires us to do a semester-long project in a graphical, object-oriented language, with only C++ as a prerequisite. Somehow this seems very wrong. Have a course to teach you a language, and then a course in software engineering… not the other way around. Bleh. Somehow I don’t see another 4.0 happening this semester 😛

I’ve also made a re-commitment this weekend. Nothing that I’ll go into detail on here, but my closest friends know about it, and, though it will probably be very difficult (I’ve already had some trying times in the first two days), I’m pretty confident that I can pull through this with a little bit of Outside Help.

Yay, typical ambiguous Ben there…. yup yup. Anyway…. I’m gonna go play with my website now.

Moved In (Mostly)

Right at the beginning of Christmas break, I got an email saying there was a super-single apartment open, but Alta wanted to know by January 2. Now I liked my old roommates a lot and didn’t really want to ditch them, but I was starting to have way too much stuff in my room. That, coupled with one or two other motives, made me really want to make the move, providing that the new roommate was a semi-decent guy. So I spent most of Christmas break trying to get ahold of SOMEONE who could give me some information. Without delving into a lot of details, I found out that it was 1st floor in my same building, and I finally got to take a look at the apartment, and I was sold.

I spent most of last week moving everything one armful at a time into the new room. By now, most everything is put away save for a small pile in the middle of the room. But it’s so sweet that I can actually MOVE around in the room…. even with that pile there. I have a sink in there with room for my refrigerator next to it. I have my desk, my TV stand, and the frederiksen desk all in a row, and I even have room to keep my keyboard set up permanently. Probably get pictures up on gallery sometime in the next couple days for anyone who’s interested.

I’m sure I’ll miss hanging out with the guys from time to time, though I can always head up there for pizza and a movie on MY dvd player. (It’s still mine, Nick, until you pay me!) Ultimately, I think I’ll enjoy the new room thoroughly, and maybe Tom can even move in next year. Yaay!

Room rearrange…. again

So I have this cool plan….
but I can’t take the desk apart until I take the hutch off,
and I can’t take the hutch off until I move the bed over a foot,
but I can’t move the bed over a foot until I move the computer,
and I can’t move the computer until I move the chest of drawers,
but I can’t move the chest of drawers until I slide the TV into the corner,
and I can’t slide the TV stand until I take apart the desk.