Monthly Archives: December 2003

Blizzards are fun

So I get out of EE333 lab an hour late at 10:00, and get on Russ’s bus in our first Blizzard of the year. Knowing that we have a ton of newbies driving night shifts, I offer my services and end up just taking over the green minibus right in front of him. Maybe sliding around in a big bus would be fun, but I’ll probably get to do that tomorrow. The mini, though, was pretty sweet. Tap the brakes and the antilock comes on. You’d do donuts on ever corner…. lots of sliding fun. But when Russ offered his help at 10:30 they had almost everything covered…. so I said… "Um, if Russ wants some more hours, he could relieve me since I have an 8am class." So he did. And now I’m going to bed. Because I have an 8am class…. unless I’m snowed in. Meh.

What a crazy life.

I can distincly recall three times over the last two weeks when I wanted to update but didn’t. However, I cannot recall what I was going to update about, so nuts to that.

Let’s see. Thanksgiving break was great. I got to spend a lot of time with Amanda, got to build my new computer. finished a paper or two, and had Thanksgiving with the whole family. All nieces and nephews present (I can say that now that I have 2 nephews…. well 3 if you count ny niece’s new husband). Then I spent a couple days at Amanda’s home and got to play a bunch with Luis, the cute little puffball. He seemed to like it when I mooed, so either I should become a cow, or he will be well suited to his dairy-farm life. Moo

Coming back to school, of course I had two projects due at 5pm today so that was lovely. Of course I worked on them a bunch last night. Now I have an exam on Thursday, and a cookbook lab plus a big lab project in EE333 to finish by next week. Other than that, things look pretty cake-easy. Stress-free end (hopefully) to a good semester.