New computer fun, but getting expensive.

So I dove in and am getting the parts to a new system. I was initially gonna keep the cost down below $400, and finally configured one for $430. Then I got a really good deal on a hard drive so it’s up to just under 500. Now I’m thinking it would be nice to get a CDRW/DVD combo drive for it for $50, instead of just the old junk reader I have lying around. But if I get that, then I’ll need to get a good video card so this thing is capable of displaying DVD video to a TV. ARGH!

Smart decision: hold off on the drive and video card until later…. save it for an upgrade. You already have a laptop with both of those things in it, so it works fine.

Okay good call. But wait…. then why are you getting a super-portable desktop? Argh!

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