Is this an obligation?

My Crazylife client just popped up on my comptuer while I was doing homework. I programmed it to do this so I would remember to update, but now I’m updating instead of studying!

um, well…. Saturday I took a 5.5 hour shift and ended up almost killing a blind guy. (Yeah I went all GTA with the bus….. um no). I was trying to tell him when it was clear to cross the street (30th by walmart) when some yutz zooms across grand going about 50 and doesn’t slow down for the blind guy in the middle of the road. I had to yell stop. And I didn’t hear what he said back to me. It was either very sarcastic and mean or a thanks. I’m pessimistic, so I’ll think it was the former and hope he doesn’t ride my bus again.

Yesterday was sunday. Meh. Drive and attempt to do homework. Fun fun. About the same today. Though when I was actually studying for my math quiz tomorrow (on the living room futon with the windows open is actually a nice place to study) my roommate gave me a Star Trek book and I ended up reading it for 2 hours. Oops. So now I’ll try to comprehend this last section of "Orthogonal Transformations and Orthogonal Matricies." Doesn’t sound too hard.

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