Monthly Archives: November 2003

How big is my tank anyway??

I used to think my car had a 12 gallon gas tank ’cause I never got more than 11.6 in even after running on E for a week. Last time I filled up, though, I got 12.7 gallons in, and today I put in 12.91. So maybe it’s 13 and I was really close this time, but 13 seems strange. But if it’s 14 or more then I think my gauge is way off. I dunno. We’ve been thinking this car has been pieced together from other cars, so it could have some really strange gas tank. But it looks just fine and runs pretty well too. Ahh well. Pretty car. Has good AC, cruise, and speakers. That’s all I really care about.

New computer fun, but getting expensive.

So I dove in and am getting the parts to a new system. I was initially gonna keep the cost down below $400, and finally configured one for $430. Then I got a really good deal on a hard drive so it’s up to just under 500. Now I’m thinking it would be nice to get a CDRW/DVD combo drive for it for $50, instead of just the old junk reader I have lying around. But if I get that, then I’ll need to get a good video card so this thing is capable of displaying DVD video to a TV. ARGH!

Smart decision: hold off on the drive and video card until later…. save it for an upgrade. You already have a laptop with both of those things in it, so it works fine.

Okay good call. But wait…. then why are you getting a super-portable desktop? Argh!

squirrels and bugs

Interesting bussing today. I hit a squirrel. 🙁 but it was already dead. Although it’s interesting to note how you hardly feel a small furry animal squish under your bus tires. Just a soft, little "bump," and that’s it.

I also saw a double-padidle (sp?)-beetle. It was missing one headlight and the opposite fog light. Funny lookin.

Not much else goin’ on. I beat Jak and Daxter within a week. I think it’s pretty good for a non-gamer like myself.

Okay week.

I think this week will be okay. Sometimes I get really stressed out about things, but when I can relax and take things easily… it’s so much less stressful. I have a CprE211 exam on Thursday, but it’s not over interrupts, so I should be fine. My Math 307 quiz was pushed back ’till next week. We’ll see this afternoon how I did on my CprE310 exam a couple weeks ago. EE333 lab will be another thing, but hopefully I can trudge through that without too much difficulty. Finished my homework that’s due at 3:30 today. No problem. Uh…. not much else to report.

So ends one of my most boring posts ever…. (but somebody says they read them so I might as well keep it up)


Capital One must like me. They doubled my credit limit again. I’m now at $3K with a 9% fixed interest rate. Current Balance? $0.00 And planning to stay that way. Heh. I’ve never had more than $400 on credit at once, so it’s kinda funny. Ahh well. At least that means I’m in good standing…. or… something.

Is this an obligation?

My Crazylife client just popped up on my comptuer while I was doing homework. I programmed it to do this so I would remember to update, but now I’m updating instead of studying!

um, well…. Saturday I took a 5.5 hour shift and ended up almost killing a blind guy. (Yeah I went all GTA with the bus….. um no). I was trying to tell him when it was clear to cross the street (30th by walmart) when some yutz zooms across grand going about 50 and doesn’t slow down for the blind guy in the middle of the road. I had to yell stop. And I didn’t hear what he said back to me. It was either very sarcastic and mean or a thanks. I’m pessimistic, so I’ll think it was the former and hope he doesn’t ride my bus again.

Yesterday was sunday. Meh. Drive and attempt to do homework. Fun fun. About the same today. Though when I was actually studying for my math quiz tomorrow (on the living room futon with the windows open is actually a nice place to study) my roommate gave me a Star Trek book and I ended up reading it for 2 hours. Oops. So now I’ll try to comprehend this last section of "Orthogonal Transformations and Orthogonal Matricies." Doesn’t sound too hard.