Monthly Archives: May 2003

Very bad day

Hmm, I shoul;d’ve posted yesterday. I had the topic line still set as "Today was good." Well… today wasn’t.

Um, bad typos are blamed on the bandaiud on my index finger. Anyway, let’s just talk about the whole day.

Morning. First thing… I realized I forgot I had like $6000 of stuff checked out from ITC, so I had to drag that over there before my exam ’cause I had to be to work right afterwards and then all day. So I got hot and sweaty doing that, and I got to my exam just as it was starting, so I had no chance to review anything. Then…. again since I had no time the night before, I just assumed the green route was coming by at 9:32, since I knew it came by at 9:52. So I left the exam ten minutes early to catch the bus so I wouldn’t be late to work. Well, they’re on 30 minute intervals in the morning…. so my bad. Missed 10 minutes of an exam I needed, and still had to walk to work.

Anyway, first 5 hours of work went mostly well, until I got really behind on a red trip because several genious drivers were turning left in a construction zone where they weren’t supposed to. Took me like 10 minutes to get from Beach to Elwood. Then at City hall, workers had fifth all blocked up; I couildn’t even go straight across on the irght side of the road. SO I was late, and then on top of that the dispatcher who was mobiling trying to help me kept cutting herself off, and then started gettingmad at me because I wasn’t responding. At least I got some sympathy from the other drivers that rode back to base with me ’cause they heard the whole thing.

Um kay. Did a brown extra. Fun. Relaxing actually. After that…. joy…. I had a chance to go get my car. Surprise…. last night’s hail totally shattered my back window. And of course this nice new car that I got last month only had liability. So I was really grumpy about that.

Go back to work. Cover one orange run for another driver who was running late. When I try to ask him what the trip code was (since he had it right in front of him) he said "look on the codes chart." I was like, "the last 4 times I’ve tried to do that my bus was missing it. Just wondered if you could tell me." But he said "well then go back to base and ask someone there." So I did. But ended up complaining to like 3 dispatchers, a supervisor, and a few coworkers. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not been in such a lousy mood. I was not happy.

But then I did 4 hours of green and relaxed a little. That was good. Went out to Perkins with a friend afterwords. That was good. Duct-taped my back window and sliced my finger in the process. That wasn’t good.

But I just got a phone hug from Russ, so that was really cool. And now I’m going to go to bed becaujse I’m on-call in < 6 hours. Night….

Computer Woes

So I had some old games I couldn’t get to play under Windows XP (yes computer geeks, I tried compatibility mode) so I finally just installed Windows 98. Well, smart me. Then I couldn’t get back to Windows XP. Well it’s been a few days, and now I CAN get back to XP… but, um, well when I was running Outlook Express under 98 and checking my email…. I had it keep messages on the server, but delete them when I delted them from my trash. Except, uh, I never emptied my trash. So now I have like 200 spam messages to sort through. Well if you emailed me…. Good luck… hope I don’t miss it!

Fun in the music lab

So I have all these old tapes that my nieces and I made like 6 or 7 years ago. They were of this made-up radio show. It was fun … really dumb too. But we did a lot, and I figured it was about time to digitize them before they’re dead. So I’m using the nice high-quality lab to transfer these super-low quality cassettes. And subs on the mixer are cool ’cause I can map the tape deck through to the mac, while still listening to music through the big speakers. Woo hoo! Anyway, stupid mac fell asleep and I didn’t know how to wake it up so I lost a half hour of recording. Oh sweet. it’s done. Bye