Monthly Archives: February 2003

The good, the bad, and the painful.

My laptop’s here!!!!!! I am going to get absolutely NO sleep tonight thinking about it. I’m kindof upset that I didn’t stop by and check on its status earlier today ’cause I could have picked it up…. but maybe this means I’ll get some studying done for physics….

Which brings us to the bad. Yeah, I have a physics exam tomorrow night at 8 which is not going to be pretty. I think I understand the general concepts…. but that always tends to blow up for me with physics. Oh well, let you know how I did tomorrow night…. NO! I’ll be playing with my new toy!

The Painful
So I lost a filling today. It hurts when I forget about it…. and it’s really weird to move my tongue around in my mouth and feel a gaping hole…. Anyway. I suppose I should get it fixed soon.

Ah, off to physics now I guess.

Christmas Tree light Surgery Complete!

I *had* three strings of christmas lights encircling my room. When DPS came, they took down one of them to get to above-my-wardrobe. I couldn’t ever get the string to work again, so I just balled it up and put it in my closet. The other day though, half of a 2nd string went out… the part that was over my bed! The ambient light went way down in the room. Well this evening I bumped that string and suddently it came back on. Except the lights were rather bright. Extremely bright even. I counted 7 burned out bulbs, but when I counted again, there were 9…. so I figured I needed a transplant before the whole thing died!

I pulled out the string from the closet and just started replacing bulbs. Some would burn out as soon as I put them in the line…. shock I guess from too much current 🙂 But eventually I had them all in. 1 I had to re-replace ’cause it burned out when I was working on others. Anyway, I now have lights around 2/3 of my room so that’s something at least!

That was a long entry just about lights. I was going to complain about physics and life in general…. Perhaps another time.