Monthly Archives: January 2003

Learning to cope

Well, I slept in past my alarm ’cause I forgot to actually set it last night. Er, I had it set but didn’t turn it on…. or something. Anyway, I needed to catch an 8:30 bus to get to a computer lab to do homework….. as I don’t have a computer of my own anymore… I woke up at 8:20 but then the bus didn’t come ’till 8:45 so I guess all was good. Kay that was rambling….

Anyway, the homework wasn’t bad… unlike physics will be tonight. It’s hard having to keep up classwork worrying about this whole situation.

…and being told I can’t talk about it. Even in places like this 🙁 Maybe I’ll actually start keeping a hard-copy journal.

Well I’m off to more exciting classes now…

Actually Happy!

Well, okay the first thing I’ll do is complain as it’s the last thing that happened before I wrote this.

GRR! I hate signs! I spent like an extra hour on one stupid circuit just because I had the sign wrong on ONE resistor. I redrew the circuit about 4 times before realizing my stupidity. Ah, oh well. At least it’s done.

It’s been weird…. I’ve been abnormally happy today. Weird especially after being really gloomy the last few days. But this morning I was just…. chipper while driving the bus. I got back home and got a parking spot in the 2nd row. I bought a slice of pizza for lunch and it was extra big. Starting last night I started to understand my physics…. that kindof unraveled today, but I got most of the homework done. A total of 3 hours put into that for a big 5 points out of 500 in that class…. Hmm oh well. Other good news about that was that the dumb pop quiz last week was a mistake and it’s now extra credit (I think I got the right answer at the last minute). And I think I did allright on this week’s quiz. Though I figure they’re only about 1.5 points a week out of that 500…. enh.

So I’m happy. At least for now.

The bad news is I may have lost my pocket pc…. though I’m trying not to think too much about that right now. That could make me very upset. even inasmuch as I haven’t been using it a lot lately…. Hrmm. Urg… not thinking!!!


Long Time no Post

Hey, it’s 2003. Maybe I could try this crazylife thing again. Heh…. maybe.

Well anyway, the last week has been pretty good. I’ve gotten to do a lot of things with friends, and, while I’m still bored a lot…. it’s been helping to curb the down times when I’m not working (most of the time).

Unfortunately my personal life is getting complicated. But I plead for more "thinking" time before I post that on here.