Monthly Archives: August 2002

I’m gonna be a bus driver.

I just thought that a two-week update should start with that :-). I guess my other updates have mentioned this, but I’ve been hired and made it most of the way through in-service. But the best part is I passed my CDL driving test today on my first try! Whee! Driving the bus back through town to base all by myself was really cool as well.

Moving has also gone well. Hmm, that’s all I have to say about that…

And then we’re at my classes this year. I’m leaning so much more away from computer engineering and towards music production/recording engineering etc. stuff. Unfortunately the person I was supposed to talk to hasn’t replied yet. And, uh, classes start a week from monday, so I kinda need to make a decision soon here. Maybe I’ll update later.

This has officially been an exciting post. Thank you for reading 😕