Monthly Archives: June 2002

stuff to do…

Finally. Some things to do. Might get to go bike-riding with Tommy after dinner (though Mother Nature doesn’t seem too keen on that idea). Then I’m going back to Barbershop chorus practice. Dunno why, but I’ve always felt better getting together with a group of people and singing/having fun. Even when I’ve been having a really lousy day, it takes my mind off tings. Probably a good thing I’m joining the ISU Singers this fall.

Oh, hey, looks like I may be going to the Tim McGraw concert at the end of June. Hey, I live by country music. I’ll listen to anything, but I DO like country. Deal 😛 So if anyone else is going or wants to go, let me know. I’m probably going only if an old friend of mine can come though, but if other people were iterested… it’d be better than going alone

Well, I have officially not worked at all today. Suppose I can try again tomorrow, but today I’m giving in to the glow of my computer screen and the resistance of the gloomy weather outside.

Original First Post

To "paraphrase" from Dean Koontz (I think):

"He found one of those ‘personal homepages’ where people let the whole world have a glimpse into their own private life. Why would anyone want to do that?"

It’s paraphrased ’cause I read that book like 3 months ago, and since books don’t come with a "Search feature," I can’t quickly find the quote. But it went something like that.

And now here I am putting even more details of my life on the Internet? Why? Do I think somebody will care? Nah. I guess it’s just something for me to do. I always wanted to write a journal, but could never keep up with it. Maybe if I have one online, I will update more often. Guess we’ll find out.