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Oh, yeah. Duh. Since I see the LAST update I was just starting with cyride, I guess I could say I’ve now graduated from the training program and have been driving on my own for quite awhile. Anyway, my driving schedule is on my webpage if you at all care. (look to the top right on this page)

I’m gonna be a bus driver.

I just thought that a two-week update should start with that :-). I guess my other updates have mentioned this, but I’ve been hired and made it most of the way through in-service. But the best part is I passed my CDL driving test today on my first try! Whee! Driving the bus back through town to base all by myself was really cool as well.

Moving has also gone well. Hmm, that’s all I have to say about that…

And then we’re at my classes this year. I’m leaning so much more away from computer engineering and towards music production/recording engineering etc. stuff. Unfortunately the person I was supposed to talk to hasn’t replied yet. And, uh, classes start a week from monday, so I kinda need to make a decision soon here. Maybe I’ll update later.

This has officially been an exciting post. Thank you for reading 😕


Wheee!!! I got called today and I start training for CyRide on Monday! Yay…. well, providing I can pass the test for my Commercial Driver’s License either tomorrow or monday. But it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Yay 🙂 I’m gonna be a CyRide driver 🙂


Oh, hey so I applied for CyRide last month, tested on Tuesday, passed, and then had an interview yesterday. I think it went really well, so now I’m just waiting to get an email from cyride telling me one way or the other. Anticipation is growing . . . 🙂

Well, it would be really nice to have a job and earn money during the year, especially since I didn’t really earn anything this summer 🙁 . . . hope hope hope hope…..

Friends are cool

I feel kinda bad. I know when I started this I was thinking that it would be really good to have an online journal thingy… or a window to let the world see into my world a little bit, but like I said in the beginning, I’ve never been consistent. Still…. doing a better job that anytime before.

Actually! I guess part of the reason I haven’t been updating daily is that I’ve been so busy this summer! In a good way! I came here planning to work 40 hours a week for these two enginnerring professors; probably keep myself locked in my room and watch movies all the time I’m not working. Instead, I ventured out and popped in on Corwin’s show at KURE and met a few new people. Then came the bonfire, and BOOM. It seemed like all of a sudden I had friends who didn’t want to use me or really hated me. I started eating with others at the dinner table instead of by myself; I started hanging out with others more and getting out of my room; and for the first time in a really really long time, felt accepted.

My life has changed so much this summer, and I really hope this continues on throughout the school year. So thanks to all of you: those who hang out with me, and even those who just see me on campus and say “hi.” You really don’t know what a difference that’s made in my life.

Friends are cool 🙂 y’all are cool. love ‘ya!.

stuff to do…

Finally. Some things to do. Might get to go bike-riding with Tommy after dinner (though Mother Nature doesn’t seem too keen on that idea). Then I’m going back to Barbershop chorus practice. Dunno why, but I’ve always felt better getting together with a group of people and singing/having fun. Even when I’ve been having a really lousy day, it takes my mind off tings. Probably a good thing I’m joining the ISU Singers this fall.

Oh, hey, looks like I may be going to the Tim McGraw concert at the end of June. Hey, I live by country music. I’ll listen to anything, but I DO like country. Deal 😛 So if anyone else is going or wants to go, let me know. I’m probably going only if an old friend of mine can come though, but if other people were iterested… it’d be better than going alone

Well, I have officially not worked at all today. Suppose I can try again tomorrow, but today I’m giving in to the glow of my computer screen and the resistance of the gloomy weather outside.

Original First Post

To "paraphrase" from Dean Koontz (I think):

"He found one of those ‘personal homepages’ where people let the whole world have a glimpse into their own private life. Why would anyone want to do that?"

It’s paraphrased ’cause I read that book like 3 months ago, and since books don’t come with a "Search feature," I can’t quickly find the quote. But it went something like that.

And now here I am putting even more details of my life on the Internet? Why? Do I think somebody will care? Nah. I guess it’s just something for me to do. I always wanted to write a journal, but could never keep up with it. Maybe if I have one online, I will update more often. Guess we’ll find out.